Sound Wall Phoneme Cards & Visuals


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Convert your word wall to a sound wall with this resource that includes everything you need! Reading research has confirmed that explicitly teaching phonemes leads to good readers and spellers. Organizing words in a way that makes sense and builds students' phonemic awareness with a word wall.

 This set includes 44 phoneme cards, phoneme labels, voiced labels, consonant and vowel labels, and mouth formation cards for most vowels and all consonants. There are 4 phoneme cards per page, each with the letter(s), picture, and spelling patterns.

 Included in this Sound Wall Set:

  • 44 sound cards with letter(s), picture, and spelling patterns:
    • pig, ball, turtle, dog, kite, goat, monkey, nose, king, fish, volcano, thumb, father, sun, zebra, sheep, treasure, hat, chair, jellyfish, whale, watermelon, yo-yo, leaf, rabbit, cake, apple, bee, bed, bike, igloo, boat, octopus, glue, up, cube, book, claw, boy, cow, her, car, corn, banana 
  • 6 phoneme group labels:
    • stops, fricatives, affricates, glides, liquids, nasals 
  • 20 mouth formation pictures for all consonants and vowels, except for long a, long i, the diphthongs oi and ou, and r-controlled vowels
  • Consonant and Vowel Valley labels
  • Voiced labels

This product is included in the Sound Wall Bundle.


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