Mini Portable Sound Wall - Printable & Digital Google Slides Version


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This is a mini version of a printable and digital sound wall for students to use as their personal reference sheets. You can use these in a writing folder, set up as a file folder resource, or simply laminate to keep on hand as a reference sheet. The digital Google Slides version allows you to display the mini sound walls and cover up the sounds students have not learned yet, as well as add your own words under each sound card.

 Read more about how to set up and use sound walls here.

 There are 2 pages (consonants and vowels) in 4 versions: color images with keywords, color images without keywords, black and white images with keywords, black and white images without keywords.  

Included in this Digital & Printable Mini Portable Sound Wall Set:

  • All 44 sound cards with letter(s), picture, and spelling patterns in color or black and white on 2 pages:
    • Consonants page: pig, ball, turtle, dog, kite, goat, monkey, nose, king, fish, volcano, thumb, father, sun, zebra, sheep, treasure, hat, chair, jellyfish, whale, watermelon, yo-yo, leaf, rabbit
    • Vowel Valley page: cake, apple, bee, bed, bike, igloo, boat, octopus, glue, up, cube, book, claw, boy, cow, her, car, corn, banana 
  • Consonant phoneme groups labeled
  • Example words showing the different ways to spell each phoneme
  • Option to have no example words
  • Mouth formation labels on select vowel sounds
  • Color and black and white versions
  • Google Slides version with editable word lists and lock covers to cover up sounds not yet learned

This product is included in the Sound Wall Bundle.


This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Mongeau

This is a great resource. I used in in the middle of grade 2 to highlight all the ways each phoneme was spelled. It works well as a chart for reference, as well, especially for checking their spelling in their own writing.

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