Winter Pop It Word Mapping Templates


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These Winter themed Pop It Word Mapping Templates are perfect for incorporating phoneme-grapheme mapping into your phonics lessons in a fun way. You can use silicone bubble poppers, colored chips, or just draw in the circles to map out the sounds.

This is a no prep resource that can be used to teach spelling words, sight words, or regular phonics patterns. Simply print the template you want to use, model how to complete these sheets, and watch your students enjoy this multisensory phonics activity.

Students say the word, map out the sounds by popping the silicone bubbles or using another method, write the word on the lines beside, and read the word aloud. 

Included in this Winter Pop It Word Mapping:

  • 56 printable word mapping worksheets for words with up 6 sounds (14 color without dotted middle line, 14 color with dotted middle line, 14 black and white without dotted middle one, & 14 black and white with dotted middle line.
  • One file with the wording "Pop It" and one file with the wording "Map It" if you don't want to use the fidget poppers.
  • 14 template themes include: 2 x Winter, 2 x Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, St. Lucia's Day, New Year's, President's Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day


 This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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