Phonemic Awareness Activities Task Cards


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Phonological and phonemic awareness activities are important to include in early elementary lessons, as well as intervention for struggling readers. Many struggling readers have a deficit in phonemic awareness and need intervention in this area.

 These phonemic awareness activities task cards ensure you're teaching these skills to build their phonemic awareness. These start off as phonological awareness activities, such as segmenting and blending syllables, counting words, and rhyming. The tasks progress to more advanced phonemic awareness activities, such as phoneme deletion and substitution. These are scripted oral activities that can be used with beginning readers or as an intervention with struggling readers.

 Included in this Daily Phonemic Awareness Activities Set:

 This set includes 124 task cards which are done orally and within 5 minutes. These are so easy to implement since they do not involve any planning or prepping, or materials other than the one copy the teacher reads to the students. They are systematic and explicit, building from beginner to advanced. You can do these activities at any time during the day, as a whole group, small group, or one on one.

 In addition to the printable pdf pages, I included a clickable table of contents, and a video that walks you through how to use these, in case some of these concepts are new to you.

 The following skills are included in this set:

  • rhyming
  • alliteration
  • words in a sentence
  • syllable counting
  • syllable blending
  • syllable deletion
  • phoneme blending
  • sound discrimination
  • onset & rime division
  • segment phonemes
  • sound position
  • onset & rime deletion
  • phoneme substitution
  • onset substitution
  • rime substitution
  • sound reversal

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Great resource for phonemic awareness activities!

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