Fluency Grids Bundle

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This bundle of fluency grids provides targeted practice to help students develop automaticity in reading words with the target phonics skills.

Each set contains multiple pages of practice for each target phonics skill. These can be used as whole class, small group, and independent activities such as centers.

What's included:

  1. CVC Fluency Grids
  2. Digraphs Fluency Grids
  3. Consonant Blends Fluency Grids
  4. Welded/Glued Sounds
  5. Magic E Fluency Grids
  6. Vowel Teams
  7. Diphthongs
  8. R-Controlled Vowels
  9. Soft C & G

Each set contains:

  • fluency grids for target phonics skills
  • Some nonsense words and mixed words for each group
  • teacher assessment sheets
  • Clickable table of contents

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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